Why is QR an important tool for your business?

With a simple snap of a smartphone, that unassuming graphic sends valuable information instantly to staff and customers, which for some businesses can mean the difference between a sale or a walk-away, but can also mean staff are not scratching their heads when it comes to getting to the information they need.

The number of calls you can get because customers are looking for information and Certification with regards to the product you are offing can be greatly reduced and leaving the customer content that you have solve their problem efficiently.

What is this magic you ask? Its common name is a “QR code,” and it is essentially a two-dimensional bar code much like the bar codes that have become so ubiquitous in the retail world. Each QR code (QR stands for quick response) is composed of tiny shapes that can be read both horizontally and vertically. The turbo-charged design means that when activated, this code can implement complex actions, such as opening a web page, downloading a video or sending a text message. It’s a way of providing instant information, integrating print and multimedia capabilities, capturing data on the spot and otherwise engaging your customer through the use of today’s new mobile technology.

This is the age of the smart phone, more and more of your customers are used to the help yourself out style of customer care, they don’t want to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve an issue they just want the solution.

In construction the mislaid certificate or permit to work can mean hours of down time until the supplier or health and safety department can reissue. This type of solution solves this in an instant and the operation can quickly continue.

A consumer study showed that 86 percent of shoppers wanted more product information, from the stores they frequent, and 70 percent of the respondents wanted that information delivered to their mobile phone.
“What this study tells us is that having access to information in real-time-at those critical decision-making moments-is often the missing link between intent and action.

Smartphones = Savvy Consumers

Although QR codes are not new (they were developed in Japan in 1994 and appear on everything from beer cans to buses around Asia), they are only now being accepted as a good way of giving staff and customers the instant access to information they require, cut out any human error of filing and paper issues.

Knowing the Basics

The technology and desire to make QR codes popular is definitely there. So how businesses leverage this exciting tactic to their advantage?

Working with ScanCert™ we will help you develop the solution which fits for you and your customers follow the demo below to give you an idea of how construction and equipment rental is coming up to speed and how it is benefiting it.

Stay compliant with ScanCert™

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