Certification Made Seamless.

ScanCert ™ is a proven and effective compliance management solution serving Construction, Plant Hire, Automotive, Local Government, Healthcare, Educational & Logistical Sectors.

Use it Anywhere

Multiple sectors, multiple solutions

ScanCert ™ is designed for issues across multiple industry sectors, offering solutions to a wide spectrum of businesses from small, emerging companies, medium sized businesses showing rapid growth to large, all with complex processes and the requirement to share information quickly and effectively.


Unlimited Customisation

Product of Extensive Research

ScanCert ™ was developed by a team of professionals from the construction asset management sectors and compliance sectors. It was designed originally to help the client gain access to LOLER certification when doing walk around safety site checks. This progressed into giving the operative on site quick access to operating manuals, O&M manuals and training briefings. With new technologies in construction equipment coming out each year the industry has found that the majority of breakdowns recorded where mainly due to operator error – a quick 2 minute video about the changes via the ScanCert ™ database has proven to greatly reduce these call out and downtime costs.

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Quality Product

Making Your Life Easier

Scancert ™ ensures you have the documents or information you need for audit or customer requirements instantly reducing the need for paperwork systems. This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form. This in turn will save money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and help the environment. The concept can be extended to communications outside the office as well.

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Access everything in one place

ScanCert ™ uses QR, NFC or RFID technology to get the solution required for your business giving your customers or staff quick and easy access to documentation 24/7 by simply scanning via their mobile device. Access can be given to a variety of information in the form of certification, operating manuals, and training videos all maintained on a managed database. With continued industry changes, recognising more stringent H&S regulations, greater traceability and visibility in auditing are required. Demo
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Exactly what you need, when you need it.

Scancert ™ has offered solutions across a broad spectrum of industries giving quick access for LOLER Certification, O&M manuals, operating manuals, proof of attendance, site inductions and briefings or tool box talks – In fact if you have the problem we will give you the solution.


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What does ScanCert™ provide?

• Health and safety and compliance enforcement
• Control of equipment inspections and service.
• Inspection history, location and assigned personnel
• Auditing and inventory capabilities, of assets and stock items.
• Managing training, qualifications, assessments and monitoring equipment usage by trained personnel.
• Proof of attendance, tool box talks and inductions to ensure an informed workforce.
• Predictive (PDM) or preventative (PPM) maintenance on customised templates.

Cost Reduction

• Instant information, reduction in down time, operator briefing
• Lower administration overheads and reduction in manual data input
• Elimination of data entry errors
• Reduction in paper usage

Risk Management

• Health & Safety - compliance quick access to certificates or audit reports
• Control of equipment inspections and service.
• Proof of attendance – match the operative to the asset or location showing they were present for briefings or operation maintenance works.
Compliance to company-wide safety standards and policies.

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Available on all devices

We built ScanCert with location in mind, you can access all available information from any smartphone or tablet* wherever you are. You can also use the ScanCert website back at the office or from home too!

All Platforms

*smartphone or tablet must have a rear camera, ability to use a QR application & have an active internet connection.

Company behind ScanCert™

ScanCert™ is built and developed by McMoran Ltd. We specialise in business support covering a wide range of industries with extensive knowledge and specialists in each field.

We build apps, websites, compliance solutions & so much more, we have expert teams in marketing & business management to ensure every project is a success.

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